A helping hand from Harpic

The experts in toilet cleaning have some invaluable tips to share.

Whether you’re looking for solutions to your limescale problem or want to create an oasis of calm and tranquillity, we are here to help.

Create a wellness oasis in your bathroom

Tips for keeping your bathroom an oasis of hygiene and happiness

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Limescale Problem? No need to panic!

Learn all about limescale, how it forms, why it forms and how you can prevent and remove it.

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Bathroom Bacteria Nightmares!

Bathrooms can easily become a germ-ridden zone if you don't take action.

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10 Facts You Didn’t Know About Toilets

Find out 10 fun and interesting toilet facts. You´ll be stunned by some of them.

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Harpic Power Plus Fireman Advertising Campaign

Strong, Dark and Powerful

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Harpic Power Plus Cleaners

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Harpic White & Shine Bleach

Thick bleach for disinfection that contains baking soda for ultimate shine

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Harpic Active Fresh Cleaners

The ultimate freshener for your loo, leaving your toilet clean and smelling fresher for longer!

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Limescale Problem?

No need to panic, Harpic has the right solutions for you!

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