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Are your products safe for septic tanks?

Most of our products are safe for septic tanks. To be sure, read the packaging information or check the instructions on pack to determine if the product is suitable for your septic tank.

If you have a modern bio-septic tank, it is always best to check with the manufacturer what products are safe to use with your system.


Where can I buy Harpic products? Sometimes I can’t find my old favourites in some stores.

Harpic products can be found at major retailers, as well as your local independent stores. Not all products are stocked at every store, so it’s best to try a few of your local stores if you can’t find something.


I can’t find Harpic cistern block anywhere. Where can I find them?

Unfortunately, Harpic discontinued making cistern blocks. Keep an eye out for new products, as exciting innovations are always in development.


My Harpic Toilet Block has not lasted as long as it should. Why has this happened?

While we do make length claims on the packaging, we can not guarantee that it will last that exact amount of time. The length claims that we put on the packaging are all based on the average household and 6 flushes per day. 


Can Harpic products discolour or stain the toilet bowl?

No, Harpic toilet cleaning liquids will not stain the toilet bowl. Harpic products, especially Power Plus will cling to the Limescale in the toilet bowl to highlight it. There is no ingredient in the Harpic products that can cause staining and the surface of the bowl is a sealed and not porous and thus will not absorb any liquid or colour. 

It is important to note that Harpic toilet cleaning products are NOT suitable for stainless steel toilets. Moreover, Harpic is only suitable for use in the toilet bowl and should never be used on any other surface.


I bought a Harpic Toilet Block & it doesn’t seem to fit my toilet. Am I using it correctly?

Toilets come in all shapes & sizes, so it can seem more difficult to fit toilet products in some toilets.  A toilet block should sit over the rim of your toilet & be quite stable. When the toilet is flushed, water should run over the toilet block to distribute the cleaning & freshening agent across the toilet bowl.

If you feel your toilet block isn’t sitting correctly, firstly try positioning the toilet block in a different spot on the rim.  It may fit better on the rim towards the back of the toilet, or towards the front.  If it is still not quite right, try gently stretching the plastic hook a little so that it better fits the shape of the rim of your toilet. Be careful not to apply too much pressure or you may break the hook.


I want to buy the Harpic Ready Brush, but I can't find it. Where can I buy it?

Unfortunately, the Harpic Ready Brush was discontinued a few years ago, and thus you will not be able to find it in store. If you still have the product, we advise you keep using it as a toilet brush with no aerosol in it. 


I bought a Harpic product in a variety store & it looks different. Will it work the same as the products I usually use?

It’s possible for stores to source products from anywhere in the world. Sometimes online or variety discount stores will import Harpic products from other countries. Care should be taken, as formulas vary between different countries based on water conditions & environmental requirements. This means results may vary. You can be sure that products with the contact details for Reckitt Benckiser UK are formulated for use within the UK.


How do you apply for a job with Reckitt Benckiser / Harpic?

Harpic is an important member of the Reckitt Benckiser (RB) family of brands – many of which are famous all around the world. And while you might not be familiar with the RB corporation, you’ll be surprised to know that we are one of the biggest home, health and personal care companies in the world with many of our famous brands appearing in millions of homes across the UK and the world.

We operate in more than 60 countries and our employees span many nationalities. Our brands are sold in almost every country in the world and we boast the highest rate of innovation of our peers. Our colleagues are the power behind these brands –they‘re talented, driven and entrepreneurial individuals, all working together. And you could join them.

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