The Harpic Team have produced a new advertising campaign for our Power Plus product. The product itself is the most powerful liquid cleaner available, so we came up with a strong, epic image to match its potential cleaning power: the Harpic hunky fireman. The video was directed by Peter Cattaneo, director of The Full Monty film.

Our latest campign not only features our very own handsome fireman, but yet another dazzling hunk! Prepare to be wowed by Harpic White and Shine. Watch the video to see them both in action.

In this tale, our unexpecting heroine meets the man of any woman’s dream. A handsome fireman has come to check her smoke alarm, but when he asks the ever embarrassing question “can I use your loo,” she’s caught in a panic, frightened that the toilet may have been left in a state less welcoming than what her guest deserves. Fortunately, the heroine has used Power Plus, and its power has saved her from any embarrassment, as her loo is sparkling clean.

About the Brand

Power Plus is the strong, dark, powerful solution for total loo confidence. Its ultimate cleaning power kills 99% of bacteria & viruses, provides 100% stain removal by cleaning above and below the waterline and eliminates limescale, taking away from you the worry of any unexpected arrivals using the bathroom!


About the Fireman

Our fireman goes by the name of Joel Hicks, and is a superhero in his own right. Joel is not only a successful (and gorgeous) model, but he also runs his own charity, Always with a Smile, whose aims are simple: to raise money for charities and good causes, and to help others and to make the world a happier place by putting a smile on the face of as many people as possible. You can follow Joel on twitter @JoelHicksAWAS


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