Harpic Power Plus Tablets are the perfect solution for the deep cleaning of the u-bend with NO SCRUBBING NEEDED. They are quick, effortless and easy to use: just drop into the toilet and let it work away. Its innovative format dissolves and eliminates all limescale, removes stains and deep cleans below the waterline.

Product Features

  • Deep cleaning without scrubbing
  • Specially for cleaning of the u-bend
  • 100% limescale removal
  • Attacks stains, Foaming action
  • Dissolves when finished, so touch-free and hygienic & Quick and easy to use

Available in our classic variant: Original

1. Wear suitable gloves when removing the protective wrapper. 2. Lift up the toilet seat and carefully drop the tablet(s) into your toilet bowl. 3. Leave for at least 20 minutes with the toilet seat in the upright position. For best results, follow the dosage guidelines. 4. Flush the toilet. 5. Replace the block when the blue colour disappears from your water.

Product Code: 5011417543627