Harpic Anti-Limescale Toilet Blocks work hard to help keep your toilet bowl clean and fresh around the clock. Its unique formula also helps to break down limescale in your toilet with every flush. Combining Harpic Anti-Limescale blocks with 100% Limescale Remover is the ideal solution to tackle the tough limescale in your toilet.

Product Features

  • Repels limescale
  • Continuous fragrance
  • Foaming action
  • Disposable, so no re-filling a germy cage
  • Hygienic: Lasts up to 1,000 flushes

Available in 2 variants: Hygienic: No Cage - No Mess

1. Clip hook into gadget. 2. Clip onto the rim of toilet where the water flow is at its maximum. 3. After the product has dissolved, simply dispose of one unit pack in the bin and replace.

Product Code: 5011417556269