The ultimate deep clean

Power Plus gives you the benefits
of germ kill, limescale removal and
great fragrance all in one product!

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Whitens for a brilliant shine

Harpic White & Shine bleach contains baking soda to leave your loo sparkling white and clean.

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Harpic Fresh Power 6

Harpic Fresh Power 6 toilet blocks keep your toilet smelling fresh with its 6 powerful actions.

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Create an oasis in your bathroom

Learn how to create a wellness oasis in your bathroom for you to relax in after a hard day at work!

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Limescale Problem?

Enter your post code into our Limescale Locater tool and find out! No need to panic, Harpic has the right solution for you.

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Did you know...

Click here for some quirky and interesting facts about the toilet to keep you laughing as you tackle the cleaning!

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Quick and easy: harpic product finder

Find a Harpic product to suit you. Whether it’s a thick bleach liquid for a deep clean or a toilet block for daily freshening, Harpic will leave your toilet brilliantly clean and fresh every day.

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Healthy Clean
Preventive Clean
Fresh Clean
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How do I know if I suffer from limescale?

Use our quick and easy tool to find out if you suffer from limescale in your home.

Limescale problem? No need to panic! Here are some ways you can keep it under control. If you live in a hard water area, you may already be familiar with the milky deposits that blight your shiny taps and clog up your kettle. Read on to find out a little more about the dreaded calcium carbonate – that’s the fancy name for limescale – and what you can do to prevent it.

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Learn how to transform your bathroom into an oasis of calm

Tips for making your bathroom an oasis of hygiene and happiness

Everyday life can be very stressful but setting aside some time for a little personal pampering can make sure it doesn’t get the better of you. Before you think about forking out for pricey spa treatments, here are some tips to create your very own relaxation room at home. You’ve earned it!

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Bathroom Bacteria nightmares

Bathrooms can easily become germ-ridden zones

If you don't take action, bathrooms can easily become a germ-ridden zone. Battle the bacteria by cleaning regularly and following proper hygiene practices! Click here to read about bathroom bacteria 'hot zones', which will help you understand what areas to watch for next time you tackle the cleaning! Harpic kills toilet germs and leaves your loo sparkling clean.

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