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Whether you’re cleaning your toilet for the first time, embarking on a regular routine, dealing with limescale, or giving your loo a deep clean, Harpic has got everything to get your toilet sparkling and keep your bathroom smelling fresh for your family.

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Our Clean & Care System

Harpic Clean & Care System is a range of complementary products (toilet cleaning gels, rim blocks or stickers and deep clean tabs) designed to cover your entire toilet cleaning routine from everyday cleaning and maintenance, through to a recommended deep clean.

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Introducing Harpic Hygienic & Fresh Stickers

Harpic have launched the Hygienic & Fresh Sticker, our latest innovation for your toilet with a long-lasting fragrance, but without the cage!

They are easy to apply, it’s as simple as FLUSH, PUSH & GO!

Harpic Hygienic & Fresh Stickers Range

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Harpic has been helping keep toilets clean across the globe since the 1920s. Explore our range of products and achieve a clean that helps both you and your family’s wellbeing while keeping your toilet fresh.

The clean that makes a difference

Our brand is here to help you keep your toilet clean and bathroom fresh. That’s why we proudly share our range of loo products with you.

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