Our manifesto

The reality of sanitation across the world continues to remain polarised in two extremes. From no-to-little toilet access in many parts of the developing world, to luxurious heated seats and connected toilets in the developed markets.

Our target audience is all of these people, people who appreciate the difference a clean toilet makes for themselves, their family and their friends. We also see that, around the world, people are on a journey of improvement and this links to the type of home they live in and the type of toilet they have.

Around since 1920, our Harpic brand has the power to help people on this journey, elevating toilet & bathroom cleaning to be a health platform for the whole family.

When it comes to cleaning toilets and bathrooms, our products suit the preferences and needs of the people we care for, helping provide the perfect clean. Because a healthy, happy, hygienic home starts with cleaning better. And better cleaning really is about caring for the people we love.