Flush, Push & Go

Introducing a household game-changer: the new Harpic Hygienic & Fresh Sticker

Harpic have launched the Hygienic & Fresh Sticker, our latest innovation for your toilet with a long-lasting fragrance, but without the cage!

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What Is the New Harpic Toilet Fresh Innovation?

Harpic’s Hygienic & Fresh Sticker is a colourful self-sticking toilet block, that sticks discreetly inside-the-bowl.


Available in a range of four fresh fragrances that give you a Boost of Fragrance with every flush (up to 8 weeks of fragrance, based on 2 weeks of fragrance per toilet sticker)!


Hygienic & Fresh Sticker is available in the following fragrances: Pine, Floral, Marine, and Citrus, just choose a scent that suits you.

Harpic’s Hygienic & Fresh Stickers are easy to apply, it’s as simple as FLUSH, PUSH & GO!

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With its easy self-sticking application, the block itself slowly dissolves with each flush, which means we have dispensed with the plastic cage and there is nothing to remove when its finished.

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Hygienic & Fresh Stickers form an essential part of the Harpic Clean & Care System, a range of complementary products (toilet cleaning gels, Rim blocks and deep clean tabs) designed to cover your entire toilet cleaning routine from, everyday cleaning and maintenance through to a recommended deep clean.

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Where Do I Find It?

You can find more information about the Harpic Hygienic & Fresh Stickers by clicking on the link.