How To Clean A Toilet Brush

image of a person cleaning a toilet brush

After you’ve placed Harpic Power Plus Deep Clean Tabs Original in the bowl, scrub your toilet with the toilet brush, and then leave the brush in the bowl while the Tabs are working. This way your toilet brush also gets disinfected - this is important if you consider that your toilet brush can carry even more germs that those found in your toilet bowl - then rinse it with clean water and set it back in its holder.

How to clean a toilet brush holder

It’s easy to forget about the toilet brush holder but it is an important area to clean. Drips and splashes of dirty toilet water can make your brush holder the perfect home for germs, grime and dirt. All you have to do is rinse the holder with clean, hot water and wipe down with a clean cloth.

Harpic Deep Clean Tabs form an essential part of our Harpic Clean & Care System, a range of complementary products (toilet cleaning gels, bowl blocks or stickers and deep clean tabs) designed to cover your entire toilet cleaning routine from everyday cleaning and maintenance, through to a recommended deep clean.