How To Keep Your Toilet Smelling Fresh & Clean

Keep your toilet smelling fresh for longer with Harpic. Our Harpic range of toilet cleaning gels, toilet bowl rim blocks and deep clean tabs help keep your toilet smelling fresh and clean.

Picture of a clean bathroom

Hygienic & Fresh Stickers are our latest innovation for your Toilet, but without the need for a cage. It’s a particularly good choice for long-lasting fragrance and each block lasts for up to 2 weeks – with a burst of freshness with every flush.

Just follow these steps below to use:

  1. Flush toilet to wet bowl.
  2. Hold the block with dry hands, without peeling off the film.
  3. Push and hold the block onto the inner surface of the bowl for 3 seconds to stick it. Do not re-stick.
  4. Wash hands after application and you’re ready to Go…

Hygienic & Fresh Stickers form an essential part of the Harpic Clean & Care System; our range of complementary products, including:

  • Toilet Cleaning Gels
  • Toilet Bowl Blocks
  • Deep Clean Tabs

Designed to cover your entire Toilet Cleaning routine from everyday cleaning and maintenance through to a recommended deep clean.