Introducing Harpic Deep Clean Tabs

To clean where the brush can’t reach!


Giving your toilet a regular deep clean is a great way to elevate the hygiene in your home. A cleaner home is better for you, and your family’s health. 

Just Open the pack, Drop the tablet in and watch the foam work!

New Harpic Deep Clean Tabs are designed to clean intensively where your brush can’t reach and remove 100% of limescale*. Convenient and easy-to-use, Harpic Deep Clean Tabs are high-performance tablets that should be placed directly into your toilet to give it a deep clean, effortlessly.


Each tab is made of a powerful, concentrated, formula that removes Stains, including Limescale. The Deep Clean Tabs work under the water and deep into the U-bend without the need to scrub. With their compact design they’re lightweight and easy to carry home from the shops.


Harpic Deep Clean Tabs – Power Plus

For a Deep Clean, Harpic Deep Clean Tabs contain our renowned Power Plus formula. Choose from Power Plus Deep Clean Tabs Original to Kill 99.9% of all bacteria and remove 100% limescale*, and try Power Plus Deep Clean Mountain Fresh, for a powerful fresh hygiene boost and 100% limescale removal*.


Harpic Deep Clean Tabs are simple and easy to use and designed with your preferences in mind. For example, each tab can be placed into the toilet bowl without the need to touch.


How to use:  

  1. Simply open the flow wrap. That’s the protective wrapper that means you don’t have to touch the tab. 
  2. Carefully place the tab in the toilet bowl. 
  3. Leave to work for a minimum of 20 minutes. For a deeper clean, leave for over 30 minutes with the toilet seat in the upright position. For disinfection, leave Harpic Deep Clean Tabs original for 75 minutes. The tabs can be left overnight.  
  4. Flush and your toilet, including the U-bend has now had a deep clean. 

Top Tip: Leave your toilet brush in the bowl while your Harpic Deep Clean Tab Original is working. This way your toilet brush also gets disinfected and deep cleaned. This is important if you consider that your toilet brush can carry as many germs as those found in your toilet bowl! 

clean & care

Harpic Deep Clean Tabs form an essential part of our Harpic Clean & Care System, a range of complementary products (toilet cleaning gels, bowl blocks and deep clean tabs) designed to cover your entire toilet cleaning routine from everyday cleaning and maintenance through to a recommended deep clean.

Keen to get your hands on the new Harpic Deep Clean Tabs? Find out more by clicking on the link.

A few of your questions answered to help make sure you get all the benefits from your Harpic Deep Clean Tabs that you should:

Q: Why do I need to kill bacteria in the U-bend of my toilet? 

A: Bacteria grows everywhere, including below the water line. Harpic Deep Clean Tabs original offer effortless cleaning of your toilet bowl itself as well as the U-bend.

Q. Do I still ned to use toilet liquids if I’m using tabs? 

A. We recommend you do as the two serve different purposes. Liquids remove tough stains and disinfect the sides of the bowl. Tabs are an addition to the cleaning routine, offering a more complete and deeper clean by delivering powerful limescale removal and disinfection below the water line and in hard-to-reach areas.

Q. Do I still need to use a brush if I’m using tabs? 

A. The concentrated formula of tabs removes limescale and disinfects below the water line without the need to brush. If you want to clean the sides of your bowl, use the brush to disperse the cleaning foam that the tab releases.

Q. Do tabs kill bacteria? 

A. Yes, our most powerful product in the range, PowerPlus Original kills 99.9% of bacteria and 100% of limescale. We recommend for a really deep clean, you use 2 tablets for a full disinfection – leaving to work for at least 75 minutes prior to flushing. For normal cleaning, use 1 tablet and leave for 30 minutes.

Q. Why should I use tabs? 

A. Harpic Deep Cleans Tabs are an important addition to your cleaning routine and form part of our recommend Clean and Care System, improving your family’s hygiene. Liquid toilet cleaners clean above the water line while tabs target and remove stains deep below the water line and in the U-bend.

*Removes limescale below the water line in 75 minutes.