Hygienic & Fresh Sticker Floral Floral

• Long lasting fragrance: up to 2 weeks of freshness with each sticker
• Hygienic: no germy cage
• Easy to use: apply on clean, wet surface. Push onto the bowl and you're ready to go in 3 seconds!
• No plastic applicator
• Sticks discreetly to the bowl

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This is a convenient self sticking adhesive toilet block that sits discreetly inside the toilet bowl, giving lasting freshness without the need for a plastic cage! It can be applied in 3 seconds without the use of any plastic applicators, and each colourful block dissolves slowly with each flush while giving up to 2 weeks of fresh fragrance. It is specially designed to freshen your clean toilet.

Key product benefits

Long-lasting fragrance

Each toilet block provides up to two weeks of freshness. A boost of scent with every flush.


No germy case in your toilet and the sticker dissolves once the product is finished, so no need to remove a dirty cage.

No plastic applicator

99% less plastic*

*compared with Harpic Rimblocks


Use only for Toilet bowls.
Keep the block out of reach of children.
If irritation develops and persists, seek medical advice.
If swallowed, seek medical advice immediately and show this container or label

How to use

• Make sure the toilet is wet.
• With dry hands, hold the block in one hand. Do not peel off the film.
• Apply the product to the inner surface of the bowl, pressing in the middle and holding it for 3 seconds with your thumb to adhere it to the bowl. Do not re-stick.
• Wash hands after the application.

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